Le Sallay Schools Gifted and Advanced Education Program

Does your child have a special talent you want to encourage, or need guidance to learn at a level that aligns with their abilities? Le Sallay schools provide a nurturing environment that recognizes gifted and twice-exceptional students' potential and helps them develop the skills they need to succeed.

Le Sallay Schools' Blended Learning Model

Le Sallay Schools with campuses in the United States and France follow a blended learning model that combines boarding sessions with online instruction allowing students with diverse learning needs to obtain a high-quality education adapted to their goals. Here are the top three reasons why our blended learning model is uniquely suited to support gifted and twice-exceptional students:
Rigorous Curriculum
Le Sallay schools offer an international curriculum with advanced learning levels. Our team includes teachers trained in gifted and extended education programs.
Highly Personalized Instruction
At Le Sallay, every student follows a personalized learning plan. We do not put a limit on what a child can learn.
Available Where You Are
We serve children who need highly-customized learning solutions often unavailable where they live. Students travel to our easily accessible campus and study from home for the rest of the year.

Our Approach

Recognizing Talent and Identifying Needs
While there might be an overlap between gifted students and motivated high-achievers, these two groups are not the same. Gifted students may not perform quite as well if they feel disengaged and bored or if they have special learning needs that require hands-on intervention.

We work with students and their families to determine the desired learning outcomes and identify the individual areas for growth. Our school year starts with an assessment week where every child is given an opportunity to engage with different subjects. Based on the results of their work, an individualized learning plan is developed and amended as needed throughout the year.
Creating Individualized Learning Plans
Unlike many traditional school settings, at Le Sallay classes are not grouped by age-based grades but by demonstrated ability level. This allows us to develop learning plans that take into account the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of our students.

With an average class ratio of 1:4, we are able to ensure the personalization of the learning process. Learning plans build on Le Sallay's core curriculum to provide students with a pace and depth appropriate to their strengths and areas for development.
Building a Study Skill Set
Gifted students excel in their subjects of choice due to their natural ability but they often get used to relying on talent alone and, as a result, lag behind on important study skills. In addition, twice-exceptional students often require specialist intervention to adapt their learning style to external demands.

At Le Sallay, we create our program with these needs in mind. In class, students focus on note-taking, discussion, problem-solving and reflective writing. In individual guidance sessions, we discuss time management, organization, goal-setting and self-advocacy. Another crucial area includes developing emotional regulation skills to help gifted and twice-exceptional students manage feelings, frustrations and perfectionist tendencies. Psychological support is available both during boarding and online sessions.


Our curriculum model is based on increased depth and complexity. Instead of chasing grade-level standards, we expand the curriculum encouraging students to explore more challenging topics. Every subject is taught at several levels to meet the students exactly where they are.

The individual learning plans start with a core curriculum in English, literature, math, history, sciences and world languages and can be enriched with one-on-one classes and specialized interventions.

Our goal is to make sure that there are no limits on what a child can learn in their areas of strength, while also making sure they are supported in areas where they may still be developing.

  • STEM
    Le Sallay's STEM courses include Earth and Space Sciences, such as astronomy, physics, and geography and Life Sciences of chemistry and biology. Math course increases in difficulty to include algebra, geometry, combinatorics, probability, logic, and statistics. Students are introduced to new concepts when they are ready, sometimes years before it happens in high school or even university settings.
  • Humanities
    Our Humanities curriculum consists of English, World Literature, and World History courses that cover a variety of subject areas with a focus on social studies, critical reading and writing and interdisciplinary learning. Writing is integrated into all classes and students are required to produce independently researched essays throughout the year.
  • Languages
    Foreign languages include Spanish and French taught at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels with the aim of reaching C1, the level at which a learner can effectively use the language for social, academic, or professional situations. Elements of language courses are often tied together with literature and history studies to provide a comprehensive classroom experience.

Individual Learning Plans

These real-life cases demonstrate the ways in which our curriculum can be adjusted to support the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students


At Le Sallay, our goal in the admission process is to gain an understanding of your child’s unique skills and personality, as well as your hopes for them as they continue to grow. By getting to know your student and family, we can help you determine whether Le Sallay is the right fit for your child and suggest the ways in which we can help them succeed.

The best way to start the process is to schedule an introductory video call with our admissions team. We are excited about the opportunity to meet you and we hope to hear from you soon!

More about Le Sallay schools

Le Sallay International Academy
Established in 2018, Le Sallay International Academy is based in France. Students ages 10-15 come to Le Sallay castle in Burgundy for boarding sessions four times a year. The Academy offers an international curriculum with advanced STEM and Humanities courses.
Le Sallay Discovery School
The Le Sallay campus in the United States opened last year and admits students 10 - 14 years of age. Le Sallay Discovery follows the same standards of academic excellence and puts an emphasis on studying world history, literature and geography. The STEM program is highly customized and advanced-level math classes are taught by teachers with vast experience of creating gifted programs.
Le Sallay Discovery STEM Scholarship
Le Sallay’s academically rigorous program has proven particularly good for high-achieving students who need additional challenges. It also attracts children who have grown disengaged in their schools or feel like they don’t fit in, by helping them rediscover the love of learning and encouraging socialization and meaningful relationships. Providing differentiated study plans and psychological support, the Academy is a great choice for students with diverse learning needs, as well as those whose families are frequently on the move.
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