Assessment & Evaluation

Our evaluation system aims to help every student achieve their personal best.
We see every evaluation as a form of feedback that allows the student, parents and teachers to measure the student's progress.


Le Sallay uses a 1-100 grading system. All assignments are graded on the basis of 100 points equalling 100%. Student grades show the percentage of mastery of the knowledge and competence component of the subject.

In our view, obtaining a high grade should not be viewed as the main goal of learning. We make sure that students do not feel devalued by a low grade. What we really value is progress and we teach students to see value in their personal growth and development as reflected by overall assessment rather than specific grades.


Since many aspects of a student's development cannot be assessed by grades and percentages we rely on regular written reports that contain detailed information on the student's progress and skills development.

In one academic year, parents regularly receive two types of reports. Regular interim reports provide an overview of current performance and highlight any ongoing issues that need to be addressed.

Long reports at the end of each term discuss the progress based on learning outcomes and teacher feedback. In these reports, we analyze the development of competencies, soft skills, and the social-emotional well-being of the student.

External Tests

The school seeks to ensure that the final level obtained by the student is sufficient to pass external tests. External assessment is not included in the school curriculum but is an important element considered in adjusting a student's individual trajectory.