In Person Sessions

On-site Sessions Schedule
Le SallaY Discovery has 4 in-person sessions a year. Three of them at Charlton, Massachusetts campus, and one winter session in France at Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy.

In-person sessions include

  • 5-8 lessons a day in mini-groups
  • sports and outdoor activities
  • teambuilding exercises, quests, and role-playing programs developed by our team of experienced counselors
  • presentations by visiting scholars and professionals from different fields, including scientists, writers, artists, journalists, and media experts.
While in-person sessions help students deepen their content knowledge, they also provide opportunities to focus on improving socialization, interpersonal communication, and emotional self-regulation.

The integral part of the on-site session is the program of non-academic activities developed by our counselors. We have a team that has extensive experience in working with children of different ages. They create an atmosphere of fun and learning that helps children to build relationships and friendships that support their learning outcomes and help them stay engaged and motivated.

This is what our students have to say about their counselors and the non-academic program
Massachusetts Campus
Le Sallay Discovery's on-site sessions are scheduled to take place at the Nature's Classroom Pondside facility in Charlton, MA. Located within driving from Boston, Massachusetts, the Prindle Pond conference center features comfortable facilities and a beautiful natural setting ideal for fostering discovery and experiential learning, integral parts of Le Sallay’s philosophy. The facility has spacious dormitories and various breakout spaces, an indoor gymnasium, miles of well-marked hiking trails, a large soccer field, a sand volleyball court, and an outdoor basketball court. An outdoor pool is available in the summer months.
Together, students will participate in various activities including regular classes, sports, and team-building events. They will live in comfortable dorm rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Three hot meals with two snacks will be served at a dining hall.

European Campus
Chateau Le Sallay is a 16th century French chateau situated in Burgundy region of France. It was remodeled into a modern hotel and has served as a campus for the Le Sallay International Academy since the beginning.

Chateau Le Sallay has spacious rooms and is well-equipped for indoor and outdoor classes. The hotel features a beautiful park with plenty of space for games and sports. Spacious kitchen allows us to have cooking classes and a wood-paneled dining room turns into board games sanctuary every evening.

Students from the United States travel to Paris by plane. We pick them up at the airport and take them to Le Sallay by train. It is a long journey, but it is very much worth it, since exposure to different cultures and new environments is what Le Sallay is all about.