Hometown Scholarships

To honor our team's commitment to serving a wide range of communities across America, the Le Sallay Discovery international school announces Hometown scholarships available to students residing in states selected by our teachers and academic staff.

Why Hometown Scholarship
Le Sallay Discovery is an international blended learning school that combines online classes with 3-week on-site learning sessions in Massachusetts and France. We are uniquely suited to support frequently relocating families as well as children who need a more flexible approach to education than what traditional schools have to offer.

We want to help these children access educational opportunities that otherwise would remain out of reach. This includes offering scholarships to students from different states that would allow them to pursue private middle school education and broaden their horizons through travel.
Eligible Hometowns
Our faculty and the academic team have selected a number of counties in different states that they feel strongly attached to. These include both the states of residence and the states where they went to university.

For the academic year 2022-2023 eligible locations are:

  • Charlotte, New Carolina
  • Greater Richmond, Virginia
  • Baltimore County, Maryland
  • Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  • Santa Clara County, California
  • Travis County, Texas
  • Spokane County, Washington
  • Philadelphia County and Centre County, Pennsylvania
  • Cook County, Illinois
  • Essex County, New Jersey
  • Albany, Nassau, Saratoga, Westchester Counties, New York
  • provides USD 5,000 - 7,000 (depending on financial need) towards the cost of one-year tuition at Le Sallay Discovery;
  • is available to children aged 10-13 residing or planning to relocate to of the counties listed above;
  • is available to applicants that demonstrate the student's willingness to learn at Le Sallay, an understanding of the way the school works and a commitment to enroll should the scholarship be granted;
  • explain why the current choice of educational options available to the student can not support the student in fully developing their potential.

About Le Sallay Discovery

Pioneering Approach
We alternate 2-month interactive online studies with 3-week on-site sessions held in Massachusetts and France.
Our approach blends the flexibility of remote learning and emotional connection of in-person instruction.
International Identity
We are proud of our international identity. Our curriculum focuses on world history, culture, and science. We invite renowned visiting scholars from different countries. Once a year we have an in-person session in France to expose our students to a different culture.
Challenging Curriculum
Our curriculum goes beyond the standardized approach. Interrelated disciplines are combined to give students a deeper knowledge of complex subjects. This prepares students to make a transition into working in demanding academic environments while encouraging life-long learning.
Highly Qualified Teachers
At Le Sallay schools, 100% of instructors hold advanced degrees in their fields. In small classes, teachers work closely with students to help them reach their full academic potential.
Individualized Learning
Students are placed according to their individual learning needs, not grade. We offer advanced classes to those who have a higher level of knowledge. A balanced curriculum ensures that students develop interest in different subjects rather than focusing exclusively on those that come easier to them.
Inclusive Environment
With small classes and personalized attention, we can provide neurodivergent and twice-exceptional students with the support they need in order to achieve their learning goals. Remote classes help them sustain attention, while in-person sessions help them build connections without feeling overwhelmed.

Scholarship Application Form

This form should be filled out by a parent or a legal guardian. If you have any questions please contact us at admissions@lesallay.academy.
Student Name
Student’s Date of Birth
Current city of residence
Name of parent or guardian
Email of parent
Phone of parent
Other electronic contact information (e.g. Whatsapp)
Last grade the student has attended
Currently enrolled
Annual family income
This is needed to assess the possibility of providing a partial tuition scholarship in the event that we are not able to offer a fully funded scholarship
Tell us about your child. What interests they have? What are their academic goals? Add any other information that you feel can be relevant.
How will Hometown Scholarship help your child achieve their academic goals?
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