Le Sallay Discovery School
We are dedicated to providing as many educational opportunities as possible. No family should assume that high-quality private education is out of reach. In the academic year 2022-2023, Discovery Le Sallay offers new students several scholarships designed to meet the needs of a wide range of families.
of Le Sallay International Academy students receive scholarships and financial aid
20% - 60%
of overall tuition can be covered by financial aid
of tuition is covered by merit and need-based Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Le Sallay's

Financial Aid Program

In addition to scholarship programs Le Sallay Academy also grants need-based tuition assistance. The scholarship amount may vary depending on the number of selected candidates.

Le Sallay's tuition assistance program is designed to ensure that our educational offerings are open to academically qualified applicants regardless of their family's ability to afford the full tuition.


Your child is eligible to apply if they:

  • Are 10 - 14 years of age

  • Can benefit from Le Sallay Academy's unique approach and advanced curriculum

  • Are able to travel to Le Sallay for in-person sessions four times a year and study online for the rest of the year

  • Have an English proficiency level of B2 or higher

Application and Selection

The scholarships will be awarded upon evaluation of the following materials:

  • Application Form completed by the parent or guardian by
  • The candidate's written answers that explain the student’s interests and goals
  • Interview with the candidate by the Admissions Committee member(s)
  • Discussion of the families' needs and ability to contribute to the tuition.
Scholarship recipients can expect to be notified shortly after the final interview with parents.

About Le Sallay Academy

Le Sallay Academy is based on a blended learning model: four in-person sessions alternate with online learning sessions. Each of the trimesters opens with a three-week in-person session during which students and teachers meet in France. Following these sessions, students spend two months learning online with their teachers and classmates. We have students from 10 European countries and the United States. Our graduates are admitted to the selective high schools of their choice.