Le Sallay Academy Scholarships
2022 - 2023
STEM Fully Funded Scholarship for Female Students
We are announcing a scholarship aimed to counter gender disparity in STEM. The scholarship is open to girls aged 10-14 who express interest in STEM subjects. The scholarship covers full tuition including classes, room and board during on-site sessions. Travel costs are not included.

It is unfortunately still the case that girls are significantly less likely to take advanced STEM courses and pursue STEM professions later in life.

We would like to remedy the existing gender disparity in STEM by offering a fully funded scholarship to a female student to cover the full cost of one-year tuition education at Le Sallay Academy.
The application is open to the parents or guardians of female students
aged 10-14 residing in the USA who can:
  • demonstrate the student's interest in STEM;
  • demonstrate the student's willingness to learn at Le Sallay, an understanding of the way the school works and a commitment to enroll should the scholarship be granted;
  • explain why the current choice of educational options available to the student can not support the student in fully developing their potential.
Full scholarship:
  • covers the full cost of one-year tuition at Le Sallay Discovery, including online and on-site classes, room and board during the in-person sessions in Massachusetts and France;
  • does not cover tickets and travel costs;
  • does not cover computers, the Internet or other costs associated with taking classes at home.  
STEM at Le Sallay Discovery
Le Sallay Discovery is an international middle school operating on a blended learning model combining sessions of in-person learning at campuses in the USA and France with periods of on-line studies. 
Focused Curriculum
Le Sallay offers a strong curriculum in all subject areas, but maintains a focus on math and science. Our approach to teaching mathematics and sciences is based on interdisciplinarity and the permanent cross-over between different areas of knowledge.

STEM courses include

  • Science (astronomy, physics, geology, geography, biology, chemistry)
The Science curriculum is designed to teach the complex relationship between different phenomena and the different areas of human knowledge. Students delve deeper into specific individual subjects – physics, biology and chemistry – and reach the level needed for admission to a high school that has advanced courses in the relevant subject area.

  • Math (primary and advanced)

Recurring units include algebra, geometry, combinatorics, probability, logic and statistics. We include problems and topics that are traditionally thought to be too advanced for middle-schoolers, but in our experience, students appreciate being challenged. Our math curriculum focuses on building students' motivation and problem-solving skills. We encourage students to think through concepts and apply them in new ways from the very start. Since they can’t rely on simple replication, students are pushed to greater engagement and broader thinking.

Integrated Methodology
Our approach integrates innovative STEM teaching solutions.

  • We incorporate the principles of Singapore math -- a highly effective teaching approach based on research of math mastery in Singapore, which consistently ranks at the top in international math testing. 
  • Sallay Discovery is working in partnership with Art of Problem Solving - the leading provider of online math courses and is offering age-appropriate AoPS courses as part of the curriculum.
  • Le Sallay is a Global STEM Alliance partner to the New York Academy of Sciences.
Individual Approach
An individual learning pathway is created for each student, enabling them to proceed from their current knowledge level, creating a comfortable learning environment. Students that show noticeable progress are given specialized assignments that challenge them at a different level. The flexible approach allows these students to proceed at a faster pace and to move on to the next level when they are ready, instead of waiting for their peers to reach the same level of knowledge.
Sean Berg, Head of STEM, on project-based learning and interdisciplinary approach to teaching math and sciences
Scholarship Application Form
This form should be filled out by a parent or a legal guardian. If you have any questions please contact us at admissions@lesallay.academy.
Student Name
Student’s Date of Birth
Current city of residence
Name of parent or guardian
Email of parent
Phone of parent
Other electronic contact information (e.g. Whatsapp)
Last grade the student has attended
Currently enrolled
Annual family income
This is needed to assess the possibility of providing a partial tuition scholarship in the event that we are not able to offer a fully funded scholarship
Tell us about your child. What interests they have? What are their academic goals? Add any other information that you feel can be relevant.
How will STEM Scholarship help your child achieve their academic goals?
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Student Questions and Essay

The form below should be completed by the student who is applying. We ask that students work alone to complete this form, without asking for assistance from an adult or friend.

Student Name
Complete the following three sentences
When I have free time, I love to. . .
My favorite subject at school is. . .
The most important thing you should know about me is. . .
Choose ONE of the following two questions and write a response.

  1. If you had all the time in the world what subjects would you like to become an expert at? Why?
  2. What was the most interesting thing you did last year? What would you like to do this year?
If the student prefers to answer the questions in hand-written form, please, photograph the answers and upload them here.
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